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ROTAUF Crowdfunding 2020

Wie funktioniert Crowdfunding?

Thank you very much for supporting our crowdfunding to help the Swiss textile industry. With your contribution we can change of system: for more local production, radical sustainability and fair pricing structures. Here our Crowdfunding:  rotauf.ch/boost

How does crowdfunding work?
By pre-ordering one of our products on the Crowdfunding page you give us a pre-financing. This means that we produce the desired item with your money and deliver it to your home as soon as it is ready. This allows us to start production and support our Swiss partners.

How do I buy a product and support the ROTAUF project?
Step 1
Click on the link rotauf.ch/boost. This will redirect you to our crowdfunding page on the "Crowdify" platform. 

Step 2
On this page you find various information about the project and all our Swiss textile suppliers in the form of pictures, films and text. 

Step 3
Click on Goodies. There you will see all the products you can buy to support our crowdfunding.

Step 4
Select a goodie and click Buy. Then fill in your details and pay online. 

Step 5
After successful crowdfunding we will contact you and ask about your size and colour preferences.

Step 6
Sobald dein Bekleidungsstück fertig produziert ist, schicken wir es dir per Post zu! Du erhältst vorab eine E-Mail von uns mit der Sendungsvervolgungsnummer. 

Step 7
At home you can try on your new ROTAUF garment in peace and quietness. If the size or colour does not fit, you can exchange it easily free of charge. 
If you have any further questions: contact us at info@rotauf.ch or in the morning Mon-Fri on 081 511 23 27. 
Many thanks also in the name of our Swiss partners for your support! Together we will manage to change the system. 

Your ROTAUF Team

Bettina, Marion, Tanja und Oliver

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