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Tour Jacket Men

A jacket that provides appropriate clothing from midwinter to midsummer and for everything in between. Thoughtful features, sophisticated details as well as the durable, highly breathable and slightly elastic fabric are the characteristics of this jacket. It is perfect for mountaineering, strolling through the city and whatever you enjoy else.

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The History of your Jacket

Find out what happens behind the scenes and get to know what is required to produce your jacket. Thanks to the fabric designers, chemists, weavers, tailors, quality inspection, packers and distributors who made this SWISS MADE and breathable rain jacket possible.

Sewed and taped in Alt St. Johann

Tradition meets high-tech

Woven, Dyed and Laminated in Taoyuan City

High-performance Fabric from Taiwan

Sustainability Score

The Tour Jacket defies wind and weather yet is easy recyclable at the end of its life. The recycled material serves as a base for new jackets.

  • Environmental Sustainability

  • Social Sustainability

  • Economic Sustainability