Manufacture of ROTAUF Merino Silk and Organic Cotton Fabrics

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Manufacture of ROTAUF Merino Silk and Organic Cotton Fabrics

To meet our high sustainability standards, we have our popular organic Merino silk and organic cotton fabrics specially manufactured for our products by Swiss traditional companies.


Knitted at Lake Constance

The organic Merino silk and organic cotton fabrics are knitted in Ermatingen at Lake Constance by one of the last circular knitting companies in Switzerland. Aldo Näegeli AG was founded over 100 years ago and is now in its fourth generation of family ownership. At its peak, almost 200 employees were employed on 45 machines. Today, only a fraction remains.

The remaining employees and the CEO, Mr. Nägeli Jr. Jr. Jr., are dedicated to continuing this unique Swiss company despite overwhelming competition from abroad. The CEO is involved in all processes, cares for and repairs his machines, refills and coordinates all orders.

With our orders at Aldo Näegeli AG, we contribute to maintaining these jobs and the long-standing know-how in Switzerland.

Dyed in Strengelbach - according to GOTS standards

The finished fabrics are then dyed in Strengelbach near Zofingen by Johann Müller AG. The core competence of this traditional company is dyeing and finishing yarns, cord yarns, fabrics, and - as in our case - tricot. This includes brushing, shearing, and sanding the fabrics. The company also has a winding and twisting mill for dyed yarns.

In recent decades, the family-owned company founded in 1854 has increasingly specialized in sustainable dyeing. Already in the 1990s, Johann Müller AG conducted research on natural dyes. A small range was also developed but could not establish itself in the market. The innovative dye works was probably the first European company to deal with dyeing compostable textiles. Since 1995, Johann Müller AG has been dyeing fabrics and yarns according to the Cradle to Cradle standard.

In 2009, the company obtained certification according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). Our fabrics are also dyed and finished at Johann Müller according to the GOTS standard. The GOTS standard includes a positive list of environmentally and health-friendly chemicals that may be used in dyeing and printing textiles. Toxic or environmentally harmful chemicals such as AZO dyes or colors containing heavy metals or aromatic solvents are prohibited.

Johann Müller AG also sets a good example in the operation of its plants: Already in 2002, it switched to completely renewable energy sources for energy generation.

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