Let's get it done!

Teamwork makes anything possible. Whether on the mountain or during development and production of our products. Collaborative action brings forth great things. Our passion for mountain sports and the right clothing encourages us to break new ground. Together with producers and suppliers from Switzerland, we create a top-performing collection designed for the outdoors in harmony with nature.

What we offer:

Meaningful outdoor clothing

The opportunity to preserve important jobs and know-how in Switzerland and to drive the system change towards a sustainable economy.

Sustainable outdoor clothing

Knowing your clothing won't harm what you love most - nature, the people and animals around you.

Functional outdoor wear

High-quality, functional and refined products, offering you exactly what your effective needs are: reliable, long-lasting protection from the elements and optimal climate comfort.

Organic Cotton

Detox und SwissMade Fabric

Organic Merino Silk

Detox und Swiss Made Fabric


Sustainable alternatives since 2013

Grisons Wool

Instead of down or synthetic fiber filling

What we do NOT offer you:

Maximum performance at the expense of nature

We do not use harmful chemicals and materials in our products.

Cheapest prices at the expense of people and the planet

All our products are made in Switzerland from environmentally and animal friendly materials.

The hottest trend color of the season

We develop products with a simple and timeless design and focus on aesthetic longevity.

A specific product for each activity.

We develop multifunctional products, which accompany you in all your activities in nature as well as in everyday life.


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