with vision and soul

Our Eco Merino Yoga collection includes comfortable basics that provide you with the necessary freedom of movement for your yoga sessions.

We not only focus on comfort but also emphasize the harmony between nature, humans, and animals.

Eco Merino Yoga

A hug from the mountains


Our Biomerino quality impresses with a unique, nature-inspired processing in Europe and Switzerland. Feel the exceptional comfort and functionality of organic Merino fiber during each and every exercise.

By the way, your yoga clothing is 100% sewn in Switzerland!


Eco Merino Yoga

Learn more about positive Merino wool and our vision.

Happy Sheep

It doesn't take much to make a sheep happy, which is why we only employ happy sheep.

The sheep for our wool are raised on KBT-certified farms or Swiss organic farms. The KBT (Kontrolliert biologische Tierhaltung) standard ensures that the sheep live in a manner that respects their well-being and without cruel interventions.

In our view, the KBT standard is stricter than the commonly used Responsible Wool Standard (RWS), which is why we exclusively rely on KBT.

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Merino without plastic

In about 99% of Merino wool products, instead of Merino fiber, there's a synthetic resin against your skin.

As the only outdoor brand, we use the EXP process, which makes our Merino feel natural and comfortable on your skin.

Our concern is not only your comfort but also the protection of our wonderful nature. The EXP process is highly environmentally friendly, in contrast to the ubiquitous superwash chemical treatment.

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Dyeing without harmful substances

It is much more than efficient that we produce, sew, and dye our Merino fabric in Switzerland.

For us, it is still incomprehensible why Merino wool is completely treated differently on the world market.

For cost reasons, the various production steps are often carried out in multiple countries. Knitted in China, dyed in Myanmar, and finally sewn into garments in Cambodia or Bangladesh. Just for that reason alone, fabrics are shipped multiple times, thereby generating additional CO2 emissions.

Dyeing in countries with lax environmental laws is extremely delicate. Using cheap chemicals that are dumped into rivers and lakes can save a lot of money and generate high profits.

That's why we dye our Eco Merino fabrics just around the corner in the Wiggertal region, Switzerland.

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Swiss Made with heart and soul

We support fair productions from abroad but also strongly advocate for our local trade.

This way, we contribute to preserving valuable jobs and know-how in Switzerland.

By choosing our Eco Merino, you support the last remaining Swiss knitting companies.

You also help Swiss dyeing facilities advance environmental innovations.

You give Swiss individual textile companies as well as SMEs the chance to continue practicing their beloved craft.

Your Rotauf Merino thus becomes your favorite piece with vision and soul.

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This is how your favorite piece with soul and vision is created.

Eco Merino Yoga


Cotton is perfect for your training and the breaks that follow. Too often, conventional cotton is still used, one of the most harmful textile fibers in production.

We consciously use only sustainable organic cotton of the highest quality from socially fair sources. In line with our vision, from the cotton blossom to your finished garment.

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Learn more about positive cotton and our vision.

Conventional cultivation

Intensive use of pesticides and fertilizers. Extremely high water consumption. Use of genetically modified seeds. These are the ingredients of conventional cotton farming. The sole goal is profit maximization.

The result: a depleted world.

The consequences for farmers are devastating. Soils can no longer be cultivated because they are polluted, and there is a lack of biodiversity. Not to mention the health risks for farmers.

ROTAUF cultivation

Biodiversity and beneficial insects instead of pesticides and fertilizers.

Our cotton farmers tend to their fields in harmony with nature.

We source our cotton exclusively through the company Remei, which adheres to not only the highest environmental standards but also the highest social standards.

With Remei, we have found a partner who shares our vision and values.
For a textile industry in harmony with humans and nature.

Conventional processing

When the focus is solely on cost optimization, production takes place where costs are lowest.

Savings are made on labor costs, dye chemicals, and wastewater treatment. In other words, there are no sewage treatment plants. This results in products at rock-bottom prices with maximum profit. This leads to low wages and the destruction of nature and the environment.

ROTAUF processing

Apart from yarn production, the entire processing of our organic cotton takes place in Switzerland.

With our decision, we secure valuable jobs and expertise in the Swiss economy. At the same time, we ensure extremely environmentally friendly dyeing of our fabrics.

Do you need a Grisons hug after your yoga?