Swiss Made Products

All our products are made in Switzerland without exception.

Dresdensia SA

Herr Urs

Nähstall GmbH

Schuler Manufaktur

Innolana AG

Wams AG

Wimo AG

Swiss Made Fabrics

Wherever possible, we use Swiss-made fabrics in our products. Thereby, we often rely on our own developments.

Alumo AG

Aldo Naegeli AG

Cilander AG

Dimpora AG


Johann Müller AG

Stotz & Co. Ag

Swiss Raw Materials

We use Swiss wool as raw material for our Grisons Wool Series and the Swiss Merino beanie.

Bündner Wolle

Swiss Merino

Other Swiss Partners

Clothing not only consists of (raw) materials, which are processed and sewn together. We also source small parts and services from Switzerland where possible.


Jhco Elastic AG

Permatrend AG

Susanne Noller

werk5 AG

Design Collaborations

We work with established and emerging Swiss designers in the context of design collaborations for our products.

Claudia Caviezel


Important Foreign Partners

Despite our radically Swiss Made approach, we can't do without foreign partners. Here you find our most important international collaborators.


Getzner AG

Remei AG

Schoeller Wool