Swiss Merino Beanie Unisex, Olive
Swiss Merino Strickmütze Unisex.
Swiss Merino Strickmütze Unisex.
Swiss Merino Strickmütze Unisex.

Swiss Merino Beanie Unisex, Olive

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The world's first garment made from the finest Swiss Merino wool. This beanie is a real rarity! For 2 years, the first Swiss Merino sheep have let their hair grow, so we can produce these exclusive beanies. They are perfect for everyday wear. Wear it how it suits you - folded over once, twice or not at all.
Ecological Sustainability:
- Merino wool from Swiss sheep.
- Machine washable finish of the Swiss Merino wool with the gentle and environmentally friendly EXP process.
- The Swiss Merino wool is dyed according to Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and our strict Detox Standards.
- The Swiss Merino wool is ecologically produced without toxins and extensively tested in the lab (according to our strict Detox Standards).
- Plastic-free packaging and carbon-neutral shipping.

Social Sustainability:
- The Swiss Merino wool is spun into yarn by Filature de Laine Peignée d'Ajoie (FLASA) in Alle JU.
- The Swiss Merino yarn is dyed in Strengelbach by Johann Müller AG.
- The dyed Swiss Merino yarn is knitted into the finished beanies in Turgi AG by Urs Landis aka Herr Urs.

Animal Welfare:
- The Swiss Merino sheep live on organic farms in the Jura and the Emmental.

- ROTAUF logo label

- Weight: 80g
- Medium robustness
- 3rd/outer layer

The beanie is a real all-rounder and works best as headwear from autumn to spring.

- Optimal climate and moisture regulation thanks to merino wool
- High breathability
- Natural, anti-smell properties

- 100% Swiss merino wool
- Spun, dyed and knitted in Switzerland

- Wash with gentle cycle at 30° in a wash bag
- Low load quantity
- Spin speed to max. 400-600 cycles
- Fine detergent or wool detergent
- No detergent with optical brighteners or bleaching agents
- No fabric softener
- Let dry lying
- Do not tumble dry

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Warms the ears:

Swiss Merino Beanie Unisex, Olive

The exclusive world novelty for all who appreciate the extraordinary.

Knitted in the


The Swiss Merino Beanie is brought to life with great attention to detail by Herr Urs in Turgi.

Dyed in the


The yarn for the Swiss Merino Beanie is dyed in Strengelbach by the company Johann Müller AG according to the highest environmental standards.

Spun in the


The wool for the Swiss Merino Beanie is spun into yarn in Alle by the company FLASA.

Grazed on lush pastures in the

Jura and Emmental

Switzerland's first Merino sheep are raised and cared for on Swiss organic farms.

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