In spring 2015 Greenpeace and Oliver have noked at our door.
Oliver is a dedicated outdoor sportsman, graduand in environmental science and want become a part of ROTAUF.
Greenpeace is bringing pressure to the outdoor industry with its DETOX-actions in order to ban PFC and other hazardous chemicals from clothing.

PFC are already eliminated at ours – and of course we like that other hazardous chemicals should be phased out too.
Unfortunately, we had to little experience with chemistry, so we rope Oliver in for checking how this can be achieved... in summer 2016 Outdoor Show Oliver held its first press conference and officially announce that ROTAUF will enter as one of the first outdoor brands the Greenpeace DETOX-Campaign. Goal of this commitment is to get rid of any hazardous chemicals until 2020. We will processing every product one by one to detox and hope that Oliver will work fast enough to get this task done until 2020.

… Stay tuned!
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P.S. the film is made by Oliver and his friends. Leoni Kool and Marius Thut were responsible for the film shooting and the post production. They were voluntarily supported by Nadja Inderkum, Larissa Boog, Nicoline Kool, Samuel Troxler, Matteo Delucchi and Jonas Schnider.
Thanks a million!

 Urgent change: Due to an unforeseen change in our supply change, we had to postpone the first publication of testing results on APEO’s. We will catch up on this by no later than 30th of September.  


Together with Greenpeace we have set up our Commitment. The deadlines are quite sportily for little fishes like we are - but we will give our best to move our apparel and the industry forward in the direction of a green future. Thanks to all our suppliers/partners and customers - without them it wouldn’t be possible for us to go this new exciting way.



There are two possibilities to get good results: 1) Test bad products with a bad test 2) Test good products with a good test To be transparent which possibility we chose, look at this



The MRSL-List shows wich substances and chemicals have no place in outdoor clothing. For our own health and the health of our nature.
Meanwhile, the first tests of our fabrics are looking  good. Oliver will report more on this next autumn. But first he has to finish his degree!.
here you can download the list




Rotauf garments are available in Switzerland.