Tour Jacket Men

A jacket that provides appropriate clothing from midwinter to midsummer and for everything in between. Thoughtful features, sophisticated details as well as the durable, highly breathable and slightly elastic fabric are the characteristics of this jacket. It is perfect for mountaineering, strolling through the city and whatever you enjoy else.

Sustainability Score

The Tour Jacket defies wind and weather yet is easy recyclable at the end of its life. The recycled material serves as a base for new jackets.

The History of your Jacket

Find out what happens behind the scenes and get to know what is required to produce your jacket. Thanks to the fabric designers, chemists, weavers, tailors, quality inspection, packers and distributors who made this SWISS MADE and breathable rain jacket possible


Woven, Dyed and Laminted in Taoyuan City

High-performance Fabric from Taiwan

The material used for the Tour Jacket is a slightly elastic, 3-layer fabric developed by Sympatex. The fabric is PFC-free as well as Bluesign and Ökotex certified. The production is rather complex and is done by specialists in Taiwan. As a first step the company Flying Tex weaves and dyes the durable outer material as well as the supple lining fabric. A few blocks away, the company G-Fun execute the task of laminating the three components (outer material, breathable and waterproof Sympatex-membrane and lining fabric) together. We appreciate the collaboration with both companies. Together with Sympatex they pursue the highest environmental standards in the production. Therefore, the goal for the material is to meet the Greenpeace DETOX standard. In a first test run only 11 out of the 430 examined harmful chemicals could be detected.

A thorn in our side is the means of transport of the fabric to Switzerland. The batch is too small to be transported by ship. Therefore, we have no other choice than to ship it by plane. Until bigger batches will be ordered or else we find a local manufacturer, we compensate the emitted CO2. For this purpose, we cooperate with our partner MyClimate. The same fabric is used for the Freetour Pants.


Sewed in Widnau

Discover how your jacket is produced.

A lot of dedication and love is put into the development and production of our Tour Jacket. One take 71 separate parts made from high quality material, add precise handcraft and complete the task with a diligent quality control – finished is the master piece. In reality it is not as simple. The production of the Tour Jacket is rather complex. Here a short extract: The process of taping (sealing the seams) is a challenge for itself. The exactly right temperature, speed and roller pressure of the taping machine matters.

These parameters need to be controlled regularly and be adjusted if necessary. The tricky part about this step is that the tailor only has one attempt to place the tape on the right spot. If something goes wrong the mistake cannot be corrected. Additionally, the taping is the final step of the production therefore diligence and precision are demanded. Fortunately, the production team is highly trained and are consequently very accurate.