Jacket Ultralight Women 2

The new ROTAUF-Ultralight 2 Jacket is lighter than any of our jackets before. Due to the minimalistic design and the small pack size, the jacket is the ideal companion wherever you go. The innovative 3-layer fabric from Sympatex captivates by its high wearing comfort, durability and excellent protection against wind and rain.

Sustainability Score

The Ultralight Jacket protects not only from rain but also nature against unnecessary contamination from harmful contamination. Learn more:

The History of your Jacket

Find out what happens behind the scenes and get to know what is required to produce your jacket. Thanks to the fabric designers, chemists, weavers, tailors, quality inspectors, packers and distributors who made this ecofriendly and breathable rainjacket possible.


Woven, Dyed and Laminted in Taoyuan City

High-performance Fabric from Taiwan

The ultralight yet astonishingly durable 3-layer high-performance fabric is designed by specialists in Germany and produced by their partner in Taiwan. The company Flying Tex weaves and dyes the outer and the lining fabric. Thanks to their extensive experience, the latest looms and versatile know-how, the company from Taoyuan City is able to produce some of the lightest outer and lining fabrics worldwide. Only a few blocks away, those three components (outer fabric, waterproof Sympatex-membrane and lining) are glued together to a 89g/m2 heavy laminate. This process is also highly complex and requires a lot of know-how and an elaborate infrastructure. To the best of our knowledge, ther is no producer in Switzerland or Europe, which has the experience and the equipment to produce a fabric in the desired quality.

Also in terms of ecology the two companies are internationally leading. They show in a striking way that it is possible to produce in Asia on the highest of ecological standards. The green fabric didn’t test positive for any of the 430 harmful chemicals tested. Therefore the Ultralight fabric is the first breathable and waterproof fabric, which complies with the Green Peace DETOX-standard. The grey fabric already meets the Bluesign and the Ökotex certificate criteria. To fulfil the DETOX-standard, only two harmful chemicals must be eliminated. We are working on it…


Sewed in Widnau

Agile Fingers for a Lightweight Jacket

Together with our production team in Widnau and athletes we revised and optimised the features: This way, we can maximise performance with minimal production expenses. After an average of 2.4 hours, 2.4 meters of fabric, 14.7 meters of tape rubber cords, elastic bands, logos and quite a lot of thread your jacket is finished.

At first the material is cut and afterwards the pieces are sewed together. Then the zippers and cords need to be attached. Finally the seam sealing tape is stuck on. This step is rather delicate as it depends on the exactly right temperature, pressure and speed of the process. If one of the parameters is not quite right, it isn’t possible passing the jacket through the press roller without risking the irreversible clotting of the tape.