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For Christmas we are launching the campaign "Giving Swiss jobs as a gift"  

With more than 20 Swiss small businesses, we produce sustainable clothing for outdoors and everyday life. Support these businesses with a Christmas present for your loved ones (or yourself) from ROTAUF.  

We want to give the people who work for our production partners in Switzerland the most peaceful holidays possible, especially in difficult times, by filling their employers' order books. That's why we need you!

Be a SWISS MADE hero and gift Swiss jobs by purchasing a ROTAUF product.

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Our Partners


Portrait 1

Katrin Abderhalden

Katrin is an impressive young entrepreneur from Toggenburg. With passion, curiosity and openness, she balances tradition and modernity with her Nähstall. The foundation of her success, however, remains the same: precise handwork with a lot of dedication and attention to detail.


sewn and taped by Katrin in Toggenburg for ROTAUF:

Tour Jacket

Out most technical jacket, ready for use from high winter to high summer. Sophisticated features, clever details and the robust, highly breathable and slightly elastic fabric characterize this waterproof jacket. Perfect for your tours on the mountain, in the city and everything in between.


Portrait 2

Urs Landis

Urs Landis, called Herr Urs, is young, courageous and knits as a one-man business in the former service building of the railroad station Turgi with enormous commitment from the Jassteppich over scarf up to the sweater everything which can be knitted.  


knitted by Herr Urs for ROTAUF in Turgi with a lot of :

Bio Merino Pullover Monochrome

Our Monochrome knit sweater made of 100% organic merino wool sets new accents. Simple, with that certain something. Calm, but not shy. Monochrome, and yet anything but monotonous.


Portrait 3

Marcus Berther

Marcus is a sheep farmer and keeps around 250 White Alpine sheep in Segnas above Disentis. These are sheared twice a year and the collected wool is then processed into fleeces - the heart of our Bündner Wolle Series. 


Lined with a thin wool fleece from Bündner sheep:

Insulation 90 Jacket

Our lightweight Insualtion Jacket is ideal as a transitional jacket or under layer and for sporting activities in the mountains on cool spring, autumn or summer days. The wool lining provides optimal climate regulation and is super lightweight and packs down small.


Be a Hero and support the Swiss Textile Industry! The Corona crisis has shown us how important a strong domestic industry is. Nevertheless, the price pressure from low-wage countries threatens hundreds of jobs in Switzerland. Every weaving, dyeing or knitting factory that closes will not come back. The dismissed workers hardly find a job in Switzerland anymore. 

We are changing that. ROTAUF radically focuses on SWISS MADE. From 10 Swiss francs, more than 8 francs stay in Switzerland at ROTAUF. A top value - especially for clothing. This is how we want to prevent the last Swiss-based textile companies from closing down or relocating their Swiss production facilities to cheaper foreign countries.

However, jobs in the Swiss textile industry should not only be preserved, but also rebuilt. The impossible is made possible, and processing chains are re-established in Switzerland - for example, for the production of waterproof jackets: together with a young entrepreneur from Toggenburg, we have purchased the necessary machinery and spent countless hours building up the knowledge required for the waterproof taping of seams.

For these innovative projects, we want to create a total of three full-time positions, distributed between our partners and ROTAUF. For each full-time position, we need an average of orders with a sales value of CHF 100,000. For this we need you. With your purchase you support our project, the Swiss workplace and a truly environmentally friendly production of high quality clothing for the outdoors.

Thank you very much!

The ROTAUF - Team

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