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100% organic merino wool knitted in Ermattingen (TG), dyed in Strengelbach (SO) and sewed to the final long-sleeved Shirt in Widnau (SG). The ROTAUF Underwear Shirt is characterized by the environmental friendly raw materials and as much SWISS-MADE as possible.


The underwear shirt is not only comfortable, but also one of the most sustainable merino shirts on the market. Learn more:

The History of your Shirt

The organic merino wool from our South America cooperation is knitted, dyed and sewed in Switzerland. Special thanks to the shepherds, shearers, spinning mill staff, embroiderers, dyers, tailors and of course the sheep.


South america - Lake of Constance - Kresice

From the Merino Sheep to the Finished Yarn

For the most part, the organic merino wool for our shirt comes from South America. A smaller part comes from Australia. The South American wool is washed and combed on-site close to the farms. Only then the wool is shipped to our partner Schoeller-Wool in Hard (close to the Swiss boarder). The Australian wool is firstly shipped to China to be washed and combed before being sent to the Schoeller-Wool site. We are not happy about this fact. We try to receive only South American wool for our clothing from Schoeller-Wool. Unfortunatly this is not easy to accomplish. Organic merino wool is extremely rare, only a few farmers around the globe comply with those strict guidelines. To prevent material shortages for our shirts we are obliged to buy Australian wool in addition. Arrived on the company site in Hard, the organic merino wool is finished in a complex process. This step is very important so that the shirt is machine washable and doesn’t need to be hand washed after use. Normally the finishing process uses a lot of chlorine, which is harmful for the employees as well as for the environment. This is for us a no-go. To our knowledge Schoeller-Wool is the only company which has the know-how of finishing without chlorine and undertakes all process steps in Europe.

After the finishing, the wool is shipped to Kresice in the Czech Republic near the Elb. There the wool is spun to a fine thread. Afterwards the product is transported to the Nägeli AG in Ermattingen for the knitting. At this point the wool has already travelled a long way. So the question can arise, is this still in terms with an organic product? Yes, it is organic. We don’t want that our sheep are prophylactically treated with antibiotics or to be feed with minor quality feed pellets and eventually slaughtered miles and miles away from the farm. Our organically kept sheep are only treated with antibiotics if an infection could be determined and only fed with grass. At the end of their life they are brought to slaughterhouses near the farm. Organic products are for the protection of animal welfare, so the location of the raw material production is secondary for us. The emitted CO2 from the transport is compensated to 100% with projects from our partner MyClimate. Unfortunately, there is no possibility to receive organic merino wool with the desired quality from farmers in Switzerland or Europe.


Woven in Ziegelbrücke

Durable High-tech Fabric from Switzerland.

42.3 million meters of thread, over 20 hours of manual work, 7 weeks on the weaving machine, almost 200 years of know-how - all this is required to produce our fabric for the Insulation Jacket by Jenny Fabrics. Since 1834 ""Jenny fabrics"" develops, produces and sells globally high quality fabrics. In the beautiful old factory building work modern, computer-controlled weaving machines side by side with more than 50-year-old ones. Know-how, tradition and innovation are the reasons why ""Jenny fabrics ""has earned his name. Today over 95 people are employed and working in a 3-shift operation system in NIederurnen. 90 weaving machines are running around the clock, seven days a week, the whole year except for 3 weeks in summer. Then all the weaving machines are revised. We are happy to be able to collaborate with Jenny to develop and produce our new Insulation Jacket. If you are interested to visit this impressive company, leave your E-Mail. We will contact you as soon as the next guided tour is planned. @indian team: please link the red marked words with the following link:

But even this highly specialised business is under a lot of pressure from competitors from low-income countries. So there are high hopes for the pioneering ROTAUF project. With the goal of offering our product at a fair price we renounce any expensive intermediate trade and elaborate marketing. Telling your friends and family about our sports clothing line will contribute to the success of our SWISSMADE project.


Sewed in Widnau

Discover how your Underwear Shirt is produced.

The production of the long sleeved shirts is compared to our other products relatively simple. About 15 minutes are needed to sew the separate parts together.

But here too precision is essential: the seam needs to be at the right place so no unpleasant itching is experienced or the seams open up again.