Insulation Jacket Men 2

On the Alps of Disentis our organically kept sheep defy wind and weather. They get shorn in spring and autumn. Their wool is processed to become a fine and cosy-warm fleece. At our sewing factory in Widnau this fleece is sewn together with our durable and windproof fabric from Ziegelbrücke to form our comfortable jacket. It is available with and without hood. The athletic and elegant jacket is your ideal companion in the mountains and in everyday life. Thanks to the temperature-regulating properties of the wool the jacket is suitable for cooler as well as for really cold days.

Sustainability Score

The Insulation Jacket is not just warm but also meets highest social and environmental standards. Learn more:

The History of your Jacket

We are especially proud of our Insulation Jacket 2. A million thanks to the sheep, shearers, farmers, chemists, dyers, wool processers, weavers, tailors, packer and shipping personal who made this production possible in the first place.


Pastured in Disentis

Warm Thanks to the Organic Sheep Wool from Disentis.

Disentis is located at the backmoste corner of the Rhine valley. This beautiful patch of earth is the domicile of the “Bündner Oberländer”-tribe. One of those is the organic farmer Markus from Segnas. The 150 sheep, which he can call his own, pasture the alpine meadows around Disentis since ages. In spring time before the sheep are released to the meadows, strong men with trimmers pay a visit to the farm. Subsequently, they are released to the alpine meadows. In autumn, after the sheep have spent the summer on the pastures and their hair has regrown the friendly guys with the trimmers set their hands once again on the animals. This way, every autumn and every spring wool is produced by the sack – which we can use perfectly for our jacket.

The Insulation Jackets 2 produced at the moment is lined with the wool from the spring shearing in 2017. We collected and controlled the wool together with the farmer on the 20th May this year.


Woven in Ziegelbrücke

Durable High-tech Fabric from Switzerland.

42.3 million meters of thread, over 20 hours of manual work, 7 weeks on the weaving machine, almost 200 years of know-how - all this is required to produce our fabric for the Insulation Jacket by Jenny Fabrics. Since 1834 "Jenny fabrics" develops, produces and sells globally high quality fabrics. In the beautiful old factory building work modern, computer-controlled weaving machines side by side with more than 50-year-old ones. Know-how, tradition and innovation are the reasons why "Jenny fabrics "has earned his name. Today over 95 people are employed and working in a 3-shift operation system in NIederurnen. 90 weaving machines are running around the clock, seven days a week, the whole year except for 3 weeks in summer. Then all the weaving machines are revised.

We are happy to be able to collaborate with Jenny to develop and produce our new Insulation Jacket. If you are interested to visit this impressive company, leave your E-Mail. We will contact you as soon as the next guided tour is planned.


Sewed in Widnau

Discover how your Underwear Shirt is produced.

For the ROTAUF Insulation Jacket as much Swiss know-how and materials are used as possible: the fabric is woven in Niederurnen, dyed by the company Cilander AG in Herisau and shipped together with the wool fleece to the stitching in Widnau to be finalised. There, at TOPA Konfektion AG, 45 individual parts are carefully stitched together to the finished jacket.

TOPA Konfektion AG calls for precision, accuracy and manual skills. Furthermore the team lead by Ayla and Emin Öztürk were strongly involved in the development of the new Insulation Jacket. Only with the professional inputs by Ayla, Emin and the rest of the TOPA AG team it was possible to optimize the design and the production process to the current state. This enables us to to offer this piece of SWISS craftsmanship to a fair price.