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Our clothing is 100% made in Switzerland and we preferably buy Swiss raw material. Organic wool from Disentis, woven in Ziegelbrücke and dyed in Herisau, logos made in Gelterkinden, merino wool woven in Ermatingen and dyed in Strengelbach and many other items made in Switzerland. Thereby we are able to keep and create important know-how and jobs in Switzerland. Furthermore, we guarantee Swiss quality standards for the production, with fair working conditions and fair wages.

The following products are our
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The increased relocation of production to low-income countries over the last 50 years resulted in a significant decline of the Swiss textile industry. This is also the reason we are not able to buy all our raw material from Switzerland. Waterproof fabrics, zippers, tape, press studs, thermo-bonding interlining and other items we buy in foreign countries. Preferably we work together with suppliers from neighbouring countries. For example, the coil-zippers and the weaving yarn are produced in Germany or Italy. If it is not possible to buy the materials from our neighbours, we switch to alternative sources from all over the world.

All our RADICAL SWISS MADE products (with and without Swiss raw materials) are displayed here:

P.S. naturally we do not know all our suppliers from Switzerland and Europe in person. If you have any tips as for new suppliers just contact us at: info@rotauf.ch