Insulation Vest Women

A vest lined with a light fleece made from sheep wool from Grison. Warm, lightweight, sporty yet elegant appearance, for wearing over or underneath other clothing, slate grey or ice blue colour – ideal for mountaineering or everyday life.

The History of your Vest

The first version of the Insulations series was launched 2015 in market, made possible by crowd funding. Find out more about the production of the vest.


Pastured in Grison

Warm Thanks to the Sheep Wool from Grison

In the canton of Grison not only ibexes populate the mountains but sheep as well. Each spring time these fluffy animals are shorn by strong men. Subsequently they are released to the alpine meadows.

In autumn, after the sheep have spent the summer on the pastures and their hair has regrown the friendly guys with the trimmers set their hands once again on the animals. This way, every autumn and every spring wool is produced by the sack – which we can use perfectly for our jacket.


Sewed in Widnau

Discover how your vest made from sheep wool from Grison is produced.

Together with the TOPA AG in Widnau we produce our highly functional outdoor clothing. The tireless team don’t only produce our alpine jackets and pants but also participate in the development process of our clothing line. The fabrication of our jackets and pants require great manual skills, accuracy and a lot of time.

The decades of experience of this manufacture is a guarantor for excellent processing in traditional Swiss manner. But even this highly specialised business is under a lot of pressure from competitors from low-income countries. So there are high hopes for the pioneering ROTAUF project. With the goal of offering our product at a fair price we renounce any expensive intermediate trade and elaborate marketing. Telling your friends and family about our sports clothing line will contribute to the success of our SWISSMADE project.