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radikal ECO

Environmental protection is not only emphasised but also realised:

1. No Harmful Chemicals

Million tonnes of chemicals are used for production, dying and textile finishing year after year – most of them are harmful for humans and/or the environment. Eco-labels such as Bluesigne, Ökotex, GOTS have undertaken this problem and restrict the use of harmful chemical with strict regulations. Unfortunately, all these labels are financed by the participating companies thus the regulations are now and then relaxed.

Whereas the DETOX campaign from Greenpeace does not tolerate the use of harmful chemicals – worldwide the most rigorous, independent chemical standard in the textile industry. ROTAUF is the only participating company in the field of mountaineering clothing in Switzerland and committed to renounce the use of over 430 risky chemicals. In collaboration with our partners we achieved to produce the biggest part of our material without any harmful chemicals. The next step will be to produce also our zippers, thermo-bonding interlining, cuffs etc in accordance with the DETOX standard. We estimate that the full commitment to the DETOX campaign will be completed in 3 to 4 years. Stay tuned!

The green Ultralight jacket is characterized by a waterproof and breathable fabric that yet meets the Greenpeace DETOX standards to 100%.

Jacket Ultralight Women 2

785.00 € 785.0 EUR

Jacket Ultralight Men 2

785.00 € 785.0 EUR
2. Closed Loop

Instead of creating huge piles of garbage and squandering resources, we give our clients the opportunity to repair, recycle or compost our clothing:

  • Activities in the mountains leave their marks on the clothing whether it get caught on a spiky ledge while climbing or riped after a bike accident. Our repair service mends your ripped jacket, pants or shirt – and you’re ready for the next adventure.
  • If possible, we use natural or recyclable raw materials. For our lightweight and durable fabric of the Insulation and Ultralight clothing line we currently use a non-recyclable mixture of polyester and nylon. But we are working on an alternative for this high-performant application…
  • If your jacket or pants is worn out you find here the instruction for the recycling process.
  • You can bring your old but still intact products back to us and we will donate them to charities in Switzerland and abroad. Because our clothing is PTFE-, PFC-free and free of other harmful chemicals the export to third world countries is unproblematic.

If your ROTAUF underwear shirt is worn-out you can simply cut away the seams and pass it to its final task: nitrogen fertilizer in your garden, compost or plant pot.

Merino Shirt Women

95.00 € 95.0 EUR

Merino Shirt Men

95.00 € 95.0 EUR

3. CO2- neutral

The climate change changes the appearance of the Swiss mountains drastically. Glaciers are receding and landslides burying whole villages. Although some powerful people are still denying the connection between the CO2-emission and natural disasters, floods, droughts, storms but we think it is time to act:

Thanks to the local production of our clothing and majoritarian Swiss raw materials transportation can be reduced to a minimum resulting in lower CO2-emissions. Unfortunately, not all materials are locally available and the dying, finishing and lamination process for our clothing are quite energy intensive.

In order to compensate the emitted CO2 during the production cycle we work together with the company MyClimate and support several of their climate protection projects. Therefore, we can offset our CO2 output somewhere else and do not add to the gross CO2 content of the atmosphere. Thus we are the first CO2-neutral outdoor brand worldwide.

All our products are CO2-neutral. The sustainability concept is always in the centre of attention for all our new products as well as our enhanced products.