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Jacket Ultralight Men 2

The new ROTAUF-Ultralight 2 Jacket is lighter than any of our jackets before. Due to the minimalistic design and the small pack size, the jacket is the ideal companion wherever you go. The innovative 3-layer fabric from Sympatex captivates by its high wearing comfort, durability and excellent protection against wind and rain.

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March 2020
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Sustainability Score

The Ultralight Jacket protects not only from rain but also nature against unnecessary contamination from harmful contamination. Learn more:

The History of your Jacket

Find out what happens behind the scenes and get to know what is required to produce your jacket. Thanks to the fabric designers, chemists, weavers, tailors, quality inspectors, packers and distributors who made this ecofriendly and breathable rainjacket possible.

Woven, Dyed and Laminted in Taoyuan City

High-performance Fabric from Taiwan

Sewed in Olten

High-performance Fabric from Taiwan