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Merino Silk Shirt Men

Ecological raw materials and as much Swiss-made as possible: 70% organic merino wool and 30% silk, knitted to the fabric in Ermatingen (TG), dyed in Strengelbach (AG) and sewn into a long-sleeved shirt in Buchs (SG).

Suitable as a first layer and in everyday life, because wool warms even when wet and has a temperature-compensating effect. The antibacterial effect of the wool fiber delays the development of unpleasant smells.

All toxins are dispensed with when finishing and dyeing, so the underwear shirt is compostable except for the labels, the logo and the seams.

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The History of your Shirt

The organic merino silk t-shirt is knitted, dyed and sewn in Switzerland. Find out more about our organic merino wool, our silk and Swiss production here:

Sewed in Buchs

Discover how your Underwear Shirt is produced

Knitted in Ermatingen

Comfortable Merino Fabric from Switzerland

South america - Lake of Constance - Kresice

From the Merino Sheep to the Finished Yarn

Sustainability Score

The underwear shirt is not only comfortable, but also one of the most sustainable merino shirts on the market. Learn more: