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Together with you we will go on the "Tour de Shirt" through Switzerland and discover how a locally and fairly produced T-shirt is made. Alongside this, we will enjoy short detours into the countryside and show you outdoor tips for your personal summer adventure in our eclectic and beautiful Switzerland.

On our "Tour de Shirt" we cycle, hike and climb for the preservation of Swiss craftsmanship and a system change in the textile industry. Do you want to show your colors for more local production and sustainability? Then start your summer adventure with our radically SWISS MADE outdoor clothing.

  SWISS MADE clothing for your summer adventure:


Tour de Shirt

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Summer 21





Outdoortip N° 1

Hiking on the Alvier

ROTAUF Products for Hikers





Outdoortip N° 2

Canoeing on Lake Constance

ROTAUF Products for Beach Girls and Boys:




Outdoortip N° 3

Discovering the industrial area  

ROTAUF Products for City Explorers




Outdoortip N° 4

Bouldern in the Blattiswald

ROTAUF Products for Climbers


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Outdoortip N° 5

Observing in the high moor

ROTAUF Products for Naturalists



Did you pay attention? 🤔

Our latest pride and joy, the ROTAUF Outdoor Pants fit always and everywhere. Whether it's hiking, lakeside chilling, city exploring, bouldering or a family trip.

The simple, timeless and versatile outdoor pants are made of a robust recycled cotton fabric and are comfortably cut. Like all our cotton products, the outdoor pants are manufactured by Schuler Manufaktur in Rothenthurm.

The first 100 prototypes are now available in the store. Grab one and become a co-developer. We are looking forward to your feedback, which we will incorporate into the full series planned for next year.