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Insulation Series

The sheep wool from Grison is fluffy, warm and local. Therefore, the jackets and vests with the Grison wool lining protect you comfortably from the cold.

Insulation Jacket Women 2

498.00 CHF 498.0 CHF

Insulation Jacket Women

438.00 CHF 438.0 CHF

Insulation Vest Women

348.00 CHF 348.0 CHF

Ultralight Series

Lightweight, waterproof and yet breathable – the perfect jacket for every active person who sets high value to minimal additional weight.

Jacket Ultralight Women 2

538.00 CHF 538.0 CHF

Tour Series

This versatile jacket and pants will accompany you up the Dufourspitze or through windy and rainy trips to the grocery around the corner.

Tour Jacket Women

878.00 CHF 878.0 CHF

Freetour Pants Women 2

748.00 CHF 748.0 CHF