Eco Merino Mütze Unisex.
Merino Seide Mütze Unisex.
Merino Seide Mütze Unisex.
Merino Seide Mütze Unisex.
Merino Seide Mütze Unisex.
Eco Merino Mütze Unisex.

Merino Silk Beanie Unisex

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The lightweight beanie made from our popular Swiss-made merino silk fabric. It warms your head early in the morning on a summer mountain tour, while trail running or in the evening in the tent. In winter it fits perfectly under any helmet. Thanks to the small pack size and the low weight, the merino silk cap is always with you when you need it.
Ecological Sustainability:
- Merino wool from certified organic animal husbandry (kbT).
- The kbT standard regulates, among other things, the size and regeneration of grazing areas in order to prevent so-called "overgrazing" and consequential damage such as soil degradation, erosion and a loss of biodiversity.
- No feeding of genetically modified crops and fattening aids.
- No use of pesticides.
- Machine washable finish of merino wool with the gentle and environmentally friendly EXP process.
- Dyed according to Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and our strict Detox Standards.
- Ecologically produced without toxins and extensively tested in the lab (according to our strict Detox Standards).
- Plastic-free packaging and carbon-neutral shipping.

Social Sustainability:
- The fabric is knitted in Ermatingen by Aldo Naegeli AG.
- The fabric is dyed in Strengelbach by Johann Müller AG.
- The fabric is sewn into the finished beanies by Wams AG in Buchs SG.

Animal Welfare:
- Mulesing-free merino wool from certified organic animal husbandry (kbT).
- The kbT standard is based on the European guidelines for organic farming and goes far beyond common animal welfare standards.
- The organic merino wool comes from South America, where more robust and less overbred breeds of sheep are kept than in Australia and New Zealand.

- Label with ROTAUF logo

- Weight: 20g
- Low robustness
- 3rd/outer layer

This beanie is an all-rounder. Your all-year companion for any adventure.

- Optimal climate and moisture regulation thanks to merino wool
- High breathability
- Natural, anti-smell properties

- 70% organic merino wool from South America
- 30% silk from China
- Chlorine free finished
- Knitted and dyed in Switzerland

- Wash with gentle cycle at 30° in a wash bag
- Low load quantity
- Spin speed to max. 400-600 cycles
- Fine detergent or wool detergent
- No detergent with optical brighteners or bleaching agents
- No fabric softener
- Let dry lying
- Do not tumble dry

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Warms the ears:

Merino Silk Beanie Unisex

The versatile lightweight made of natural fibers is along with you at all times.

Sewn in the

St.Galler Rheintal

The Organic Merino Series is manufactured by the company Wams AG in Buchs. Their core business are tailor-made ski racing suits for professional athletes.

Dyed in the


The fabric for the Organic Merino Series is dyed in Strengelbach by the company Johann Müller AG according to the highest environmental standards.

Knitted at the

Lake Constance

The fabric for the Organic Merino Series is knitted on circular knitting machines in Ermatingen by the long-established company Aldo Nägeli AG.

Yarn from the


The yarn for the Organic Merino Series is produced by the company Schoeller Wool in Hard, where it is treated with the environmentally friendly EXP process.

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