Mulesingfreie Wolle von glücklichen Schafen

There is hardly anything more comfortable to jog, hike, row and enjoy than the Rotauf summer merino. The function of the wool fiber and the uniquely natural processing of Rotauf wool products feels more comfortable than others and is better for nature.


Merino Estivo

Happy Sheep

It doesn't take much to make a sheep happy, but it does take a happy sheep.

Our sheep are kept on KBT-certified farms or organic farms in Switzerland. The KBT standard guarantees that the sheep are kept in a manner appropriate to the species and without cruel interventions.

In our estimation, the KBT standard is the strictest and most reliable animal welfare standard for wool.

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Merino without plastic coating

In what feels like 99% of merino products, instead of the merino fiber, there's a Hercoset synthetic sheath on your skin.

We are the only outdoor brand to use the EXP process, which makes Rotauf Merino feel much more natural and comfortable on the skin.

However, we're not just concerned with your comfort. The EXP process is extremely environmentally friendly, unlike the ubiquitous Hercoset chemical club.

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Dyeing without pollutants in the Wiggertal

It is far more than practical that our merino fabric is produced, sewn and dyed in Switzerland.

It is all the more absurd that merino is treated completely differently on the world market.
For reasons of cost, the production steps take place in the most cost-efficient country, e.g. knitting in China, dyeing in Myanmar, sewing in Cambodia or Bangladesh.

In a country with poor environmental laws, a lot of money can be saved by using cheap chemicals and disposing of the wastewater via rivers and lakes.

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Swiss Made with heart and soul

Rotauf supports fair productions abroad, but primarily focuses on supporting our local industry to preserve valuable jobs, infrastructure, and know-how in Switzerland.

By choosing Rotauf-Merino, you support the last remaining Swiss knitting companies, help drive environmental innovations in Swiss dyeing facilities, and give many Swiss seamstresses and tailors the opportunity to pursue their beloved craft.

Your Rotauf-Merino becomes much more than just a piece of clothing.

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Swiss craftsmanship for you

We are proud to work with our partners to provide you with a high quality shirt or hoody made from the best materials and 100% Swiss craftsmanship. Use it, show it and feel completely comfortable with it.

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