Since 2013, we have been developing environmentally and socially responsible outdoor clothing for you.
No shit in, no shit out - for your health and the health of our planet, we avoid harmful chemicals.
Swiss Made - your clothing is predominantly produced and manufactured in Switzerland.
Join in! - your look, your outdoor experience, your contribution to a sustainable future.

Insulation Jacket Rotauf Insulation Jacket Rotauf


As warm as a Grison embrace.


There are no harmful chemicals in your clothing. In the summer of 2016, we were the first Swiss outdoor brand to join the Greenpeace Detox Campaign. Only 3 outdoor brands worldwide have signed this agreement.

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No animal has to suffer for your clothing. Each animal has plenty of space. They spend most of their time outdoors on lush meadows with healing mountain herbs. They actively contribute to biodiversity preservation.

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For you, our supply chain is transparent. You know who makes your clothing. It comes at a fair price. The people behind it have respectful working conditions.
And you support the Swiss economy.

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Wraps you comfortably during any activity.


Waterproof and breathable without toxins

Last chance

Hurry up, these colors won't be available for much longer.


Climate neutral shipping

We offer free shipping to Switzerland and Liechtenstein within 1-2 business days with Swiss Post.

If you live far away or in a neighboring country, no problem. Contact us at:, we will always find a solution.

14 days return policy

We will take back products that do not meet your expectations during 14 days and refund the purchase price.

Returns are free of postage.

2 years warranty

We provide a two-year warranty from the date of purchase for all products against material and manufacturing defects.

Is your product damaged after the warranty period? No problem - we will help you find a suitable repair solution.

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Voices from the community


We already own several garments from ROTAUF and are very satisfied. The clothes are well made and last almost a lifetime with proper care ;-)

Christina Hösli

I bought the Insulation Jacket years ago and am still very satisfied. Very comfortable to wear.

Johanna Jud

Outdoor clothing at the highest level. I have several pieces of Rotauf, they are in no way inferior to the big brands even in extreme conditions. In addition, they are but socially and especially ecologically harmless - top!!!

Nik Leuthold

A really cool crew with really great clothes. My Insulation Jacket is already 6 years old and still my favorite jacket. Super warm, comfortable and lightweight... Thank you for your innovative and sustainable clothes.

Philipp Keel

Super, Radikal Swiss Made. Very nicely made, great to wear, super fast delivery, shipped sustainably in reusable packaging with no plastic. Cool, very simple, purposeful design. THANK YOU for your commitment to Switzerland as a place to work and learn! Great!

Thomas Rimml

Nice product made of merino wool great fit and super quality. For such goods I gladly pay a steep price. No cheap Asian import made expensive with marketing! Congratulations.

Lucius Caprez

Just very excited about the super customer service. My beloved jacket landed yesterday - after successful and quick repair back in my mailbox. Thank you very much!

Cécile Luterbacher

Great products, top philosophy. There should be more of them, but fortunately there is ROTAUF!
Since you should treat yourself./p>

Alice Das Neves

I would like to thank you once again very warmly for your charming welcome on-site. I thoroughly enjoyed my intensive visit to ROTAUF last Monday. Your competent advice and your interesting explanations convinced me. And I am absolutely delighted with my purchase!

It's great that ROTAUF exists. Your philosophy should be inspiring and contagious. Compliments. I wish you plenty of success in everything you do!

Andrea Garbeley