ROTAUF x DRÜEGG Merino T-Shirt

ROTAUF x DRÜEGG Collaboration

Swiss glaciers have lost more than 6 percent of their ice volume this year. Previously, years with 2 percent ice loss were considered extreme.

Even before this bad news became public in the fall, we had decided together with the St. Gallen illustrator and street artist DRÜ EGG - based on our own experiences in the mountains - to make the melting of the glaciers the theme of our latest artist collaboration.

The result of the collaboration is a print design in DRÜ EGG's unmistakable style, which now features on our Merino Silk T-shirts and draws attention to the precarious situation of the Swiss glaciers.

Artist Collaboration

Make a statement

The design by the St. Gallen artist DRÜ EGG draws attention to the precarious situation of the Swiss glaciers and gives like-minded people the opportunity to express their concern.


Dominik Rüegg aka DRÜ EGG is a young illustrator and street artist from St. Gallen and already a veteran of the scene. His distinctive designs decorate house walls, skateboard decks or clothes and spread optimism and joy of life. Also as a person DRÜ EGG is an upbeat guy, bubbling over with ideas and energy. In his free time, especially in winter, he is often snowboarding in the mountains.

Support Your Local Artist

Besides his artistic activities, DRÜ EGG runs the small art collective Haus zur Ameise in St. Gallen, where local artists can exhibit their works.

He is also the founder of the platform Support Your Lokal Artist, which helps local artists with networking, advice and the common marketing of art. At the same time, the platform aims to make interested people aware of the diversity of Swiss art scene and quote: "to promote the joy of handmade unique pieces, distant from the general commercialized prints of the big international distribution houses."

A perfect fit for ROTAUF? Exactly! :-)